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Troubleshooting Well Pump Issues in Simcoe

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Struggling with well pump issues in Simcoe? You're likely facing a challenge that many in the area know too well.

Well pumps, a must for daily water supply, can develop problems that disrupt your routine. Once problems start, doubts sink in about the reliability and water safety of the pump.

In Simcoe, a well without woes is the town's treasure. Here at Inglewood Pumps, we follow all standard operating procedures. That way, we can hone in on common problems and warning signs and troubleshoot your well pump.

Common Well Pump Issues in Simcoe

While pumps can face unique issues, common problems are more frequent. Below are the typical well pump problems you'll encounter.

No Water

Your pump losing its prime can cause no water flow. This occurs when air enters the pump, cutting off water from the well. To fix this, you need to re-prime your pump by filling it with water and restarting it.

Decreased Water Pressure

This problem affects daily activities such as showering, washing dishes, or watering plants. To fix this, you need to check your pump's pressure switch, which regulates the water pressure in your system. You may need to adjust or replace the switch if it is faulty or damaged.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water can be a health risk and might have contaminants like dirt, sand, or bacteria. Filters or treatment systems can clean out these impurities. If you find cracks or corrosion in the casing, repair or replace it as needed.

Constant Running Pump

This problem can increase your bills, as it means that your pump is working harder than it should. To fix this, you need to inspect your water system for any leaks or blockages that might be the cause. You may also need to replace your pressure tank if it's saturated with water or ruptured.

The On-Off Cycling of Pumps

This issue can reduce your pump's lifespan due to frequent pressure surges and drops. Clean or replace a clogged or dirty water filter to fix it. A check valve or foot valve installation might be necessary to stop the backflow of water into the well too.

Key Maintenance Tips to Follow

A drop of maintenance is worth a gallon of well pump repair. To keep your well pump in top condition, follow these essential tips:

  • Clean cooling fans often

  • Apply anti-corrosion products

  • Check and fix leaks with haste

  • Inspect after storms

  • Clean or replace filters

  • Track temperature and pressure

  • Schedule professional servicing

These steps help in effective well pump troubleshooting and extend your pump's life. Remember, regular care is the key to fixing a well pump before major issues arise.

Resolve Your Well Pump Issues Now

Are you sick and tired of dealing with well pump issues? If so, Inglewood Pumps Ltd. offers a light in the dark.

With over 25 years in the business, our experts handle every Simcoe well pump with care and precision. We offer services like high-pressure pumps, well rehabilitation, water treatment, and more. Reach out now for service rooted in experience and dedication to our customers.


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