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In Simcoe, the issue of contaminated wells has long troubled property owners, owing to continuous usage and compromised integrity due to sub-par construction and outdated designs. Inglewood Pumps, as your trusted partner, addresses this concern head-on. We specialize in comprehensive water well upgrades, ensuring a reliable and uncontaminated water supply for your entire family.

Our skilled water well contractors in Simcoe meticulously remove damaged components and execute strategic upgrades. By installing booster pumps, pressure tanks, and cutting-edge water treatment systems, we significantly enhance your well's overall condition. At Inglewood Pumps, we are committed to revitalizing wells, guaranteeing both the quality of water and the structural integrity of your system.


If you're dealing with a dry well in Simcoe that's been rendered unusable due to high contamination levels, entrust the task of plugging and sealing the well to us at Inglewood Pumps. Safeguarding both lives and local aquifers, our dedicated team adheres to the stringent safety protocols outlined by the Ministry of the Environment. Our licensed experts conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the well's condition. Once assured, our team meticulously removes debris and any casings above or below the ground surface. We employ top-quality plugging material and clean fill, leaving no open spaces around the water well in Simcoe. Contact us for secure and thorough well abandonment services.

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Over time, water wells in Simcoe, like any others, face inevitable challenges that affect their performance. Inglewood Pumps understands the intricacies of these issues and provides targeted solutions tailored for the water well in Simcoe. With a focus on well rehabilitation, our experts meticulously assess the well's condition. Factors like mineral deposits, bio-fouling, sand pumping, and casing corrosion, all common in wells, can reduce yield and flow. Inglewood Pumps, with its expertise, employs a combination of chemical treatments, air infusion, and mechanical tools, effectively addressing these concerns. Through our comprehensive approach, we dissolve built-up mineral deposits and restore the well to optimal functioning.


Inglewood Pumps takes pride in offering cutting-edge water treatment solutions specifically designed for water wells in Simcoe. Our focus is not just on fixing issues but also on providing clean and safe water for various sectors, including residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial. Utilizing advanced UV water treatment systems, softeners, and filters, we sterilize contaminated water, eliminating impurities that might compromise its quality. Our goal is to ensure that wells in Simcoe deliver water that is not only safe for consumption but also suitable for a wide range of applications. Trust Inglewood Pumps for efficient and reliable water well restoration and treatment services in Simcoe.

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Inglewood Pumps offers superior-quality pumps and water treatment systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We offer products from the following brands:

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Elevate your well water quality with experienced specialists at your service.

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